The Urban Solar Train project has come a long way. Our chairman has always had a pioneering attitude towards transportation systems. Having spent most of his life with chairlifts and telecabins, he applied successfully that technology to the solar farm industry and revolutionized the way we collected the sun’s energy. Not stopping there he decided it was time for an even wider step: the urban transport.

The Urban Solar Train is the first trackless transportation system for mass-transit scenarios that is driven completely by alternative energy sources. The main engine is powered by electricity while most of the accessories are powered by photovoltaic energy. It is a world first combination of renewable energy sources 

After three years of strenuous work and total testing, we are ready to show the latest innovation of swiss accuracy, hit-tech energy efficiency and sleek design.

On the second quarter of 2010 the Urban Solar Train will be part of a pilot project of innovating and environmentally friendly transit solution of the city of Neumarkt, Germany.