The key concept of the Urban Solar Train is renewable energy. The whole purpose of the train is to provide a green transport solution for the modern transit challenges.


The Urban Solar Train works with electric batteries placed in the locomotive and solar (photovoltaic) panels on the roof. Energy efficiency is a fundamental issue with electric vehicles, as each component requires to be extremely efficient in order to provide the minimum energy requirement for the system.

In our quest to find the needed components we implemented the latest innovations and products of the industry, as for example a hi-tech luminescence plastic paper sheet that is as the inner coating of the train and delivers as much light as a standard light.


The train is based on two technologies:


With its 40kW Batteries the train delivers enough power for a 4 to 5 hour drive without the need two change the batteries. With a simple procedure the operator is able to change the batteries with a charged set. This way, within two minutes, the train is ready for another complete drive, allowing a maximum operation of 10 hours per day (batteries are charged during the night).


The complete roof of the train features photovoltaic solar panels. With these panels, the train collects more than 4 kW of additional energy which is used for the accessories such as the air conditioning. Not needed energy is charged into the batteries.


After the feedback we received from our prototype model about the design, we decided that the design had to be a key part of the project.
The Urban Solar Train is the combination of the latest hi-tech technology components of today and as such, we needed a design that would appeal to the modern world: sleek, modern and yet timeless.

The result was a concept made by our Austrian design partner, Aka Buna, who did an excellent job giving the train the required flair.

With its modern look, the Urban Solar Train is an eye catcher everywhere.
In the streets or at the trade shows, people turn back to have a second look at this groundbreaking innovation.


The Urban Solar Train operation is easy to follow. The train comes with a built-in battery that provides 4 to 5 hours of operating time.
With an additional battery set that can be replaced in less than two minutes, we can provide double operating time, allowing max. a full 10 hr operating day. Charging of the batteries is then made during the night.

Driving the Urban Solar Train is a pleasure. The wagons follow the exact path of the locomotive and with its narrow build the driving feeling is the similar to a passenger car.

The Urban Solar Train has a maximum speed of 25 km/h which is limited electronically.